Chief in the North Giveaway and Q&A

Come get your questions asked AND win some Super Bowl LIV confetti

It’s that time again. Time for some Q&A along with some giveaway.

Here’s the short story. Thanks to the unparalleled Dani Welniak of KCTV, with whom I’ve had the privilege of working with over the last year, a big chunk of Chiefs history has fallen into my underserving lap.

Super Bowl LIV was, of course, a high point for most Chiefs fans. And for good reason. It was the best day I’ve had of fanhood, one that drove me to tears (and I’m sure many of you as well). Being gifted a bunch of confetti from that wonderful day has been one of the best privileges/perks I’ve ever received from this job. And because you all rock, I want to spread that joy as much as possible.

Also, I feel a little guilty this week. Between the day job being absurd and participating in VBS (leading a bunch of 8-11 year-olds around for several hours every night is something I’m becoming much too old for!), I won’t have time for an article this week. So in addition to wanting to spread some joy, I feel the need to atone.

How will I do that? Through a comment section Q&A combined with a giveaway of Super Bowl LIV confetti, of course!

Here’s the deal… submit a question below (mailbag-style) in the comment section, then I’ll answer it in the next day or two AND you’ll be entered into the running to win an adorable little container of Super Bowl LIV confetti. I’ll be picking out 3 winners, so your chances are tripled (I think. I’m bad at math)

An answer and a chance to win. A true twofer!

Comments can only be made by full-fledged subscribers, so keep that in mind.

If you’re not a subscriber and want to submit a question, all you need to do is subscribe at the link below for 60% off (12 bucks a year) forever. That’s right… 12 bucks a year, or the price of a footlong sub, gets you there, and that will stay your price per year forever and ever. Do it. Then get your question in!

Get 60% off forever

As ever, I want all of you to know this is one of my favorite parts of the job; getting to answer your questions directly. I look forward to answering every one of them!

It’s a great week to be a Chiefs fan, everyone. Now… let’s Q&A!