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This is the Chief in the North Newsletter, a dream a decade in the making.

I’m Seth Keysor (or MNchiefsfan if you’ve been around a while), and I’ve been writing about the Chiefs for over 10 years. What started as a hobby to fight “hot takes” became something much more, and I’ve been privileged to write for both SB Nation and The Athletic analyzing what is really happening on the football field and what it all means.

For years, I’ve wanted to try out a direct link between Chiefs Kingdom and myself. No editors, no deadlines, no assignments. Just me and you, talking about football. That’s what this is.

What do I get out of subscribing?

What you’ll get here is in-depth film reviews and some coverage on what it means to be a Chiefs fan. What you get by subscribing is access to anything and everything I write here, from obsessively charting snaps to musing as to why Mike Maslowski’s injury cost the 2003 Chiefs the Super Bowl.

What will this cost me?

The paywall requirements of Substack only let me go as low as $5/month or $30/year, but in an effort to make this affordable for anyone who wants it, here’s a deal for 60% off the subscription price (forever). I’ll be consistently offering deals to make sure price is never an issue. If it is for you, DM me on Twitter and we’ll figure something out. I never, ever want someone to miss out because of lack of funds.

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How will I know you wrote something?

You won’t have to worry about missing anything. Every new edition of the newsletter goes directly to your inbox.

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By clicking this button. Do it. Pressing buttons is fun. You can also look at the deal above too!

You may notice there’s an additional button available there called “CITN Supporters Club.” That’s a chance for you to pay extra for subscribing if you want to support this becoming a more full-time place for me to provide content. PLEASE don’t feel obligated to do so, but I was asked to provide that opportunity, so I did!

How else can I help?

That’s so kind of you to ask! By telling your friends, family and fellow Chiefs fans. Or even people who hate you. Whoever. Just as long as you tell them.

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Seth Keysor
Chiefs analyst and "check the film" truther since the Matt Cassel era. I practice law on the side and have a great wife as well as 5 wonderful kids. I'm tired.