The Chiefs' star receiver deserves more credit than he's getting for shining in an entirely different role than he's had his whole career.
The late addition to the Chiefs roster brought physicality and toughness in a game they desperately needed it. Just like he has all season.
It was a rough loss, but let's take a moment to enjoy watching Jones be unblockable.
For most of the season Kansas City has been the only team to stop Kansas City. And Sunday, those execution errors resurfaced along with some failure of…
Kansas City would do well to learn from what happened against Cincinnati to hit the playoffs running.
Let's talk about Mahomes's borderline perfection against PIT, and how Pringle understood the assignment.
Looking at every rush play by Kansas City to see what works in the run game, what doesn't, and how the different players stack up.
KC can play any sort of game on both sides of the ball and run away with it.
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